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Challenges in transferring bioanalytical methods
Drug development is arduous and expensive with any delay to market resulting in significant financial impact. Delays at any stage of the process cause challenges to programmes, however, some are easier to predict and plan for than others.

Breakthrough Technology Dramatically Accelerates Compound Screening, Improves Reliability, and Cuts Costs
Screening results that previously required up to four weeks can now be delivered in a week. First Application of MDS Pharma Services’ SelectSmart™ Enables Simultaneous Screening Against 24 Kinases; More Targets to Come.

High Throughput, Reliable, Cost-Effective Early Screening for Binding at the HERG Potassium Ion Channel
Inhibition of HERG is thus considered a significant risk factor against cardiac safety of new drugs and has become a subject under increased regulatory review.

Dr. Stephane Milano on a Global Approach to Safety Pharmacology
When MDS Pharma Services was searching for a senior scientist to head its new safety pharmacology facility in Lyon, France, we looked for someone who not only had impeccable credentials in safety assessment, but also someone who had a strong background in research and drug development. We wanted a scientist who understood the drug development process from inside out and who could look at problems from our clients’ point of view and tailor services to their specific needs. In 2002, we were very fortunate to have found Dr. Stephane Milano.

Experience, Flexibility, Rapid Analysis—The Essentials of Stability Test Services
The process begins when a customer sits down with a team from MDS Pharma Services to establish the appropriate test conditions, the total amount of test time, the time points at which samples should be pulled and analyzed, and the analytical methods. All of this will depend, of course, on the type of product and whether the customer needs a scientific study for exploratory purposes only or a regulatory study that will be included in a specific regulatory submission. MDS Pharma Services has extensive experience at both.

Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis: A New Technology for Definitive Protein and DNA/RNA Analysis
“Although many of our assays performed in our laboratory are routine such as gel electrophoresis, we keep ourselves open to new, innovative replacement procedures and techniques,” says Dr. Charles Soliday, Director of Biomolecular Analysis at MDS Pharma Services. “However, we never adopt a new technology – even to streamline internal processes – until it is validated to meet GLP/cGMP requirements, and qualifies according to our most rigorous standards.

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