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Global Central Lab

MDS Pharma Services provides comprehensive laboratory services designed to lend full support to global clinical studies.

MDS Pharma Services Global Central Laboratories leads the industry with our global expertise, extensive network of harmonized directly owned CAP Certified Laboratories, and our regionalized kit production/distribution centers. Our reach and experience spans the globe with strategically placed facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas all bound by global SOPs and a unified Information Management and Reporting System.

Through global presence and rich resources MDS Pharma Services adds value to our clients’ programs by way of our network of thought leaders, logistical partners, innovative project management and technologies that enable component level visibility into study progress through our APOLLO: RDA™ Web based reporting system.  

MDS Pharma Services Global Central Laboratories offer virtually every central laboratory service you need, including standardized assays, integrated data management, international laboratory study coordination and site support.

Our project management, 'specimen chain of custody' processes and scientific prowess are complimented by our resources to perform nearly all of the analysis required to support a clinical study within our own facilities and systems.

Beyond our comprehensive test menu we have the capability to perform technology transfers, develop and validate study specific test methods.

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Global Central Lab and
Central Cardiac Services

1980 Matheson Boulevard East
Mississauga, ON L4W 5N3, Canada
Tel: +1 905-206-8887


Ranges of analyses
  • Autoimmune profiles
  • Biochemistry
  • Coagulation studies
  • Diabetic profiles
  • DNA extraction and storage
  • Endocrinology
  • Flow cytometry
  • Hematology
  • Infectious disease serology
  • Inflammatory/ immune markers
  • Lipid profiles
  • Unique biomarker profiles
  • Virus antigen detection
Extensive worldwide coverage
  • Largest network of directly owned and harmonized CAP Certified Laboratories in Asia, Europe, and The Americas dedicated to clinical research.
  • Centralized global sample management, logistics, scientific methodologies and processes to insure quality.
  • Engaged regional regulatory expertise, based on study geography.
Scientific and regulatory prowess
  • Robust biomarker validation program
  • Continuously expanding menu of standard safety and efficacy testing capabilities
  • Globally distributed state of the art instrumentation.
  • Centralized global scientific database of validated reference ranges for safety and efficacy parameters.
  • Extensive experience in regional regulatory requirements.
Global logistics and sample management
  1. Globally spread kit production & distribution facilities with strategic logistical partner relationships.
  2. Centralized kit inventory monitoring and lifecycle management to the component level.
  3. State of the art specimen chain of custody tracking, management and storage.
  4. Globally harmonized component level receiving, logging, test scheduling and reflexive test tracking across all our laboratory facilities.
Unparalleled project management
  • Local expertise and cultural understanding with global visibility and management.
  • APOLLO CLPM™ Central Lab Protocol Management - monitors and reports on every detail from kit design to specimen storage across all our global facilities, labs and instruments in a single system
  • Consistent methodologies and SOPs throughout the duration and geography of the clinical program

For each project, MDS Pharma Services assigns a project team composed of a project leader and project coordinator(s) in charge of the study set-up and monitoring. The study coordinators are in direct contact with the sites for all types of queries or specific requests.
Project leaders are assigned to each study and act as the day to day project contact for our sponsor teams, CRO and site counterparts with the alliance manager acting as an expert advisory resource to the MDS Project Leader and support teams.

Protocol planning and support
  • Consultation on lab protocol design
  • Sponsor-dedicated alliance management
  • Custom designed visit and site-specific clinical trial materials
  • Development of protocol-specific investigator instruction manuals and flow charts
  • Presentation and training of lab protocol at investigator meetings
  • Efficient and timely interaction with investigator sites
  • Specification design for data exchange to client information management systems.
Study specimen management
  • Bar coding allows for efficient inventory management and automated tracking
  • Comprehensive chain of custody monitoring
  • Express courier shipping with preprinted airway bills to ensure specimen stability
  • Long-term storage
  • Readily identifiable packaging assures expedited sorting and routing
  • Validity checking of laboratory requisition data to ensure a clean database
  • Full specimen life cycle management
Alliance management

As a premium offering, MDS Pharma Services will assign an alliance manager. The alliance manager has overall responsibility for ensuring efficient and consistent service while acting as a single point of contact for project status updates and issue escalation, effectively removing this responsibility from our business development team.

Alliance managers are also responsible for identifying internal MDS Pharma Services process improvement initiatives that best suit our working efficiencies as well as ensure clients are satisfied with our project execution.  This can mean keeping abreast of technology changes, device offerings and changing industry gold standards.


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